Encourage Each Other

…strengthening the minds of the disciples and exhorting them to continue in the faith, to go through many afflictions and thus enter the kingdom of God.

— Acts 14:22

Probably few of you would know who the New Testament character Joseph of Cyprus was. But you probably would recognize him if I used the other name given to him: Barnabas, meaning the “Son of Consolation,” or the “Son of Encouragement”. That was his name and he was famous for comforting other people. Does anyone like that come to your mind?

I know a Christian who is always encouraging others. I cannot think of this individual without thinking of the fact that this man is an overflowing reservoir of comfort. He is always concerned about other people and about their difficulties and trials. You would never find out about his trials because he was so concerned about others. He is a blessing and benediction to all who know him. He is truly a Barnabas, a son of consolation.

Go out and be a blessing as you encourage someone this day.

Question to ponder:
Can you think of a person to imitate who is an encourager of others?