“Duty is Ours”

If the foundations are broken, what can the righteous do?

— Psalms 11:3

All nations that have ever existed have either been founded upon some theistic or anti-theistic principle. This is true whether we think of the Hinduism of India, the Confucianism of China, the Mohammedanism of Saudi Arabia, or the Atheism of the former Soviet Union.

If we know our history, we know that America was a nation founded upon Christ and His Word. Those foundations, indeed, are crumbling in our time. There are those in our country today who are busily tearing apart that foundation, those who would gnash their teeth at the idea that this is a Christian nation. They will not be satisfied until they have removed every vestige of our Christian heritage—not only from the minds of the people, but also from the monuments of this country.

We see the hatred people have for God and His Christ, and we tremble at the enormous assault on all things godly. What can the righteous do? Often in history God has raised up one person who has turned things around. One person is not too small. He has called us to be faithful to Him. John Quincy Adams once said, “Duty is ours. Results are God’s.”

Question to ponder:
Is God calling you to help make a difference “for such a time as this”?