Divine Growth

“And other seed fell on good ground, and it yielded grain that sprang up and increased by thirty, sixty, or a hundred times as much.”

— Mark 4:8

Divine grace always grows. The good seed of God will inevitably grow. There is no doubt about it. Place a live bulb in the ground; and a stalk and buds will appear, and the lilies will eventually sway in the breeze. Put a post and a sapling into the ground and what happens? Immediately the post begins to decay and the sapling begins to grow. Come back twenty years later and, should the post still be there, you will find it completely decayed, but the little sapling will be a huge tree.

So it is with our lives. If it is true that divine grace always grows, then it is vitally true that this teaching of Jesus would instruct us to make certain that we have the true spiritual principle within.

I would ask you, are you a post or a tree? Go back twenty years. There are many people who grew up in the church, attended regularly, but there was never any divine principle of life within them. Are they growing in love and zeal and service to God, or do they actually find that there is less zeal, less desire for prayer, less interest in the Word of God, less interest in the worship of God, less interest in the service of God? If so, then you are a post and not a tree. Over the years you have decayed. You have not grown, and you need to seriously consider whether or not you have the true principle of life within you.

Lord of the harvest, may Your strength, Your power, Your Holy Spirit bring forth the fruit in our lives that You desire. Weed out and prune us that we may yield an eternal harvest a hundredfold…