Designed for a Purpose

“I will give You thanks, O Lord my God, with all my heart, and I will glorify Your name forever.”

— Psalm 86:12

Life has purpose. The handle of an ax has only one purpose. The weighty end of the head has no other purpose than to bring the whole momentum created by the handle and the weight created by the head to bear on that small, sharp, knifelike edge. When that hits the wood, the purpose is fulfilled. So it is with a bow and arrow. The head of the arrow, the shaft, the feathers, the bow, the string, the arm and the eye are all designed for just one purpose: the front end of the arrow to hit the target.

Everything that accomplishes anything great has an integration toward a single purpose, whether it be a football team or a 747. Can you imagine a football team which is not integrated toward a single play?

Our lives are so unlike that. There are many who build huge engines but have little stubby wings and so they will not fly. Others have wings that are a block and half long but have no power to get off the ground. There is not that integration where every part moves toward the same goal.

Everything a triathlon athlete does is designed to complete that one single event. His eating, his sleeping, his exercise, what work he does to make money just to continue toward that goal, his thinking, and his study, are designed toward that one end.

Godly goals are the best type. It’s good to be goal-oriented, especially if that goal is for God’s glory and our good and that of others.

Lord, give me strength for today to fulfill the purpose for which You have made me. Thank You for Your promise to give Your wisdom to those who need it. Help us to live on purpose and let that purpose be to glorify Your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ…