Courage Born of Faith

… be of good cheer. I have overcome the world.

— John 16:33

I like the story about a man walked to the drug store and when he entered the store, he found himself in the middle of a holdup. The robber, gun in hand said to him, “Give me your wallet and your keys, or I’ll shoot.”

This man said, “I just finished reading the Scriptures, and I just finished my prayers, so go ahead, shoot.” The robber was astonished. He didn’t know what to do, so he turned and ran out the door.

Now there was a courage born out of faith. All that robber could do to him was simply send him on a first class ticket to Heaven—no cancer, no stroke, no lingering disease, no debilitating old age—but a first class ticket to heaven. Of course, what that robber probably realized is that if he pulled that trigger, what he could do for himself was get a ticket straight to the electric chair and then to hell. So he ran.

Obviously, we are not called to a foolish presumptuous life that takes needless risks. That is not wisdom. But, as Christians, we need not live our lives in cowering fear. Jesus Christ has overcome the world, and this life is but a second compared to all eternity.

Question to ponder:
In which area of your life, do you need more courage?