Christ the King

The LORD has established His throne in the heavens, and His kingdom rules over all.

— Psalm 103:19

Jesus is the Lord of heaven and earth. He is not just the future ruler, but His reign began (though not in its fullness) with His death and resurrection. His kingdom is ever expanding over the hearts and minds of men. He is the conquering King.

When Jesus began the battle, the Captain of the well-fought fight was minus an army, yet every enemy He slew was revived and enlisted into the army of the King. As the King travels across the world, the army behind Him grows, becoming so vast a horde that no man can number it. We see that all the soldiers of the conquering King are but those who were first conquered by Him. These are they who shall come into the great city above wearing crowns on their heads and holding prizes for valor in their arms. They shall come to the very throne of God to lay their spoils at His feet.

Christ is the Great Conqueror. He has succeeded gloriously in all that He has done. He has conquered not only men and empires, but He has conquered even Satan and the world of demons—not with the sword, but with His Cross and the empty tomb.

Question to ponder:
What difference does it make today that Jesus our Savior is also the King of kings?