Christ In The Heart

“. . . that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith . . .”

— Ephesians 3:17

A five-year-old Christian boy was very ill, so ill that he required open-heart surgery. After a successful operation, the doctor checked on the little boy in his hospital room. With bright and eager eyes, the little boy asked, “Doctor, was He there?” The doctor asked, “Was who where?” The young lad replied, “Was He there? Did you see Jesus in my heart?” At that, the doctor suppressed a smile and replied, “Yes, son, He is there.”

What does the Great Physician say about your heart today? Is Jesus there? For us to grow in grace, Christ must first dwell in our hearts. The apostle Paul prayed that Christ would dwell in our hearts through faith and that as we become rooted and grounded, we would know Christ’s love and be filled with God’s fullness. We must grasp the significance of that tremendous metaphor. Theologians say that Christ comes into our hearts, and by the continual supply of His grace and love, we grow spiritually. When Christ comes to dwell in a person’s heart, He digs the tree of that person’s life out of the bitter soil of the old nature, and He transplants it into the new, rich soil of His love. As we allow Jesus to do this, we flourish and bring forth the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Have you invited Christ to take up residence in your heart? If not, allow Him to transplant your life from your old nature into His immeasurable love. As you do, He will cause you to grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

“God has two dwellings: one in heaven, and
the other in a meek and thankful heart.”
Izaak Walton