Blind Faith or Faith Based on Evidence?

… to whom He presented Himself alive after His passion by many infallible proofs, appearing to them for forty days, and speaking concerning the kingdom of God.

— Acts 1:3

Often people are heard to say, ‘”Oh, you Christians just believe in blind faith.'” The truth of the matter is that Christians do not believe in blind faith. The Bible never calls us to a blind faith. Blind faith is faith without evidence; the Bible calls us to faith in evidence. Our text says that by many infallible proofs Jesus Christ showed Himself alive from the dead. Christianity is the only historical and evidential religion in the history of the world. It is built upon evidence so overwhelming that I have never met a person who has rejected Christianity after having examined the evidence. However, I have met many who have never examined it at all.

Evidence. Evidence. Evidence. I am not the least bit afraid of any person who wants to challenge me on the evidence. It is blind unbelief which refuses even to examine the evidence, refuses even to look at it, and that bothers me. Have you ever heard anyone refer to ‘”blind unbelief'”?

We are commanded to love God with all our minds, and that certainly includes using our intellect to examine evidence and work out answers to difficult questions. The God who made our minds surely wants us to use them. Christianity is based on facts of history, not on ‘”blind faith.'”

Question to ponder:
What were some of the proofs that Jesus gave His disciples to convince them that He was risen from the dead?