Are You a Saint?

“To all who are in Rome, beloved of God, called to be saints…”

— Romans 1:7

I am always amazed when I go up to someone and I say, “How are you today, Saint Sue?” or Saint Mike. Many times people will say, “Well, I’m not a saint.” Well, you better be. There is not going to be anybody but saints who are going to go to heaven.

Now, of course, many people have sort of a Roman Catholic concept of that—a saint is somebody who has won sort of the prize of the year for being exemplary. The first thing you need to do to become a saint according to the Roman church is be dead a long time, and then they will look the thing over very carefully and decide if you are a saint.

But it is a very interesting thing to me that Paul and the other apostles wrote their epistles to saints. And, of course, the saints receiving these letters were very much alive. A saint is someone who has been sanctified and is being sanctified, which means essentially that person is set aside unto God. So to be called a saint is at once an honor, it is also an exhortation. It is an honor that we are called those that are sanctified, set aside unto God. It is an exhortation that we should live as saints and that we have a high calling to live as those who are separated from sin and cleansed and godly.

Holy Father, give us strength for today to live holy lives. Thank You that we are already Your saints. Help us to grow in holiness and always live a life worthy of belonging to You…