For He shall give His angels charge over you to guard you in all your ways.

— Psalm 91:11

God sends his angels to minister to and to watch over His elect, even those who are about to come to conversion, lest they should perish before they are saved.

Corrie ten Boom, that brave Dutch lady who protected so many Jews during World War II, tells how, during a rebellion in the Congo, there was a school where 200 children of missionaries were being taught. Hundreds of rebel soldiers were closing in on that school. Word had come to those at the school that the soldiers were going to take the school and kill everyone inside. Students and staff prayed that God would intercede.

Finally, they saw the soldiers inching out of the jungle. There was only a small wall around the encampment and a couple of soldiers protecting it. The rebels came closer and closer. Suddenly they jumped up and fled back into the jungle. They came back the second day and did the same thing again, and again on the third, the exact same thing occurred.

One of the rebels was wounded and brought into the compound for treatment. As the doctor was treating him, he asked why they did not take the school as they had planned. He said, “We could not do it. We saw hundreds of soldiers in white uniforms and became scared.” In Africa, solders never wear white uniforms.

Question to ponder:
Can you think of any potential encounter you might have had with an angel?