An Absolute God

Who is He—this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, He is the King of glory.

— Psalm 24:10

What exactly are absolutes? If you were to check the word “absolute” in Webster’s Dictionary, you would discover that “absolute” comes from the two Latin words ab (“from”) and solvere (“to set free”) from which we also get the word dissolve. So absolute means “to be set free.”

But set free from what? It means to be set free from imperfection. To be pure. It means to free from any admixture. It is perfect. It means to be free from any limit, restriction, or qualification as in an absolute monarch. And it means to be positive, certain, authoritative.

That is what absolutes are, whether we are talking about persons or truth. To be absolute is to be free from any kind of error, admixture, imperfection, or limit.

If there are no absolutes, there is no God, because God is the ultimate absolute. His omnipotence is without limit, restraint, or qualification. His omniscience is unlimited. His omnipresence is without restraint or restriction. God is the altogether absolute One. He is the absolute Monarch, the absolute God.

Question to ponder:
What are the consequences of a world without absolutes?