A Day of Reckoning

So then each of us shall give an account of himself to God.

— Romans 14:12

The Bible makes it plain that we shall, each one, have to give an account of ourselves. It will not be your wife, your husband, your parents, your neighbors, church members, or preachers—it will be you yourself that you will be giving an account of in that great day. No other statements will be allowed. I guess the Corinthians are still around today. How many people walk out of church and make comments such as: “Well, what did you think of that sermon?” “How did you like the preacher?” Are we not back to Corinth again? My friends, do you come to judge God’s servants or do you come to place yourself under the judgment of God’s Word? What a difference there is in those two attitudes.

In a worship service, to paraphrase Soren Kierkegaard, it is God who is the audience, the congregation, the performer, and the preacher. God is the one to judge. We who are covered by the blood of Christ will be forgiven, but we are still accountable and will face the day of reckoning.

Question to ponder:
What is frightening and what is comforting about the accountability of believers?