You May Be the Only Bible Many Will Read

“…let your conduct be worthy of the Gospel of Christ…”
— Philippians 1:27

You and I are the clothes that the Gospel wears in this world. How well are we adorning the Gospel in our lives? We are the only Christ that many will see. Are we attracting people to the Savior or are we repelling them from Him? Paul makes it very clear that it is vital that we do the former and not the latter.

Here there is a shift in that first chapter of Philippians—from “I” to “you,” from personal testimony to spiritual exhortation. If you go back up the previous verses of the first chapter you will see that Paul has been giving for almost the entirety of this his own personal testimony. You see that he says, “but if I live,” “for me to live,” and “I shall not be ashamed,” and “I know this,” and “I am set for the defense of the Gospel.” He has been giving his own personal testimony. He knows that the Philippians needed to be encouraged by hearing what was happening with him and his resoluteness in the face of his suffering, his rejoicing in Christ even in prison, but they also needed to be exhorted unto godly living.

Since we may well be the only Bible many people ever “read,” it is sobering to consider that some of us may need revision. Someone once said, “Don’t be so worried about what other people think of you. Be concerned about what they think of Christ because of you.”

Lord, give me the strength to live such a righteous life that people will want to know You and walk with You. My Master and Lord, help me to live a life honoring You in all ways. Help me today to do something kind for someone who does not know You…