The Triumphs Of Faith

“. . . And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.”

— 1 John 5:4

Everyone wants to win in the game of life. Yet, as we look about this world, we see many losers, people who lose more often then they win, many who are victims and not conquerors. Many fall vastly short of any and all hopes they had for life. Perhaps you know someone who has reached for his or her dreams but fallen on hard times in the process.

What is the secret to victory in life? There are varying theories. Some believe that education is the great panacea, the key which unlocks all the doors of success. Others say that a positive attitude can help anyone live life victoriously. With PMA—Positive Mental Attitude—the whole world will fall in line. Yet others extol the virtues of meditation. Place your hands on your knees, squat on the floor, close your eyes, and chant your mantra; soon life will be a bowl of cherries.

We could add to this list almost indefinitely, and no doubt some of these ideas have value. But if we want the true key to victory in life, we need look no further than the Bible. Scripture describes a key that inevitably brings triumph: the key of faith. “Faith,” declared the apostle John, “is the victory that overcomes the world.”

Yet how can we rejoice in victory when we are constantly beset with trials, problems, troubles, and evils of every sort that threaten to overwhelm us? God promises that no evil can overcome those who believe in His Son. We can claim victory because we have faith that God will transform any trials into victories. We can rest in that confidence, and thus faith changes all things in a magnificent way. Isn’t it wonderful to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that God works good in all things?

Do you feel headed for defeat today? Trust God—He can turn any loss into victory. Have faith in Him today, and look toward your situation with confidence that He works all things for good.

“God and I can do anything that God can do alone.”