The Cause and Cure of Sadness

“Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me with Your generous Spirit.”

— Psalm 51:12

The greatest lie that Satan has ever told the human race is this: We shall find joy through sin; we’ll achieve true happiness by disregarding the commandments of God and letting ourselves follow our passions. Have you ever believed and trusted this lie, only to find yourself miserable and defeated?

Sin is a great deceiver. Before it binds, it blinds. Think of Samson, who was blinded and made to grind grain like an ox. Sin is subtle, a slippery slope that pulls us into things we never expected we’d do. When the prophet predicted that Hazael would become king of Syria and massacre thousands—not only men, but women and children as well—Hazael replied in horror, “But what is your servant—a dog, that he should do this gross thing?” (2 Kings 8:13). Yet, Hazael did the very things he abhorred. Robespierre, who in his younger days resigned his position as judge because he didn’t want to give criminals the death penalty, sent thousands of people to the guillotine during the reign of terror in Paris.

Sin not only brings death; it brings sadness. David wept because he knew his own sin had caused his beloved son Absalom to rise against him in rebellion. What had originally seemed so good brought grief into David’s life.

Although sin brings death and sadness into our lives, we can have joy again. As we submit to Christ’s will, we find true joy and fulfillment. The King of Joy has washed away our sins forever and put new spirits within us. Today, thank God that, despite this sad, dying, sinful world, we can have fullness of joy in Him today and for eternity.

“There is happiness in holiness.”