The Bible and Education

For the LORD is the God of knowledge …

— 1 Samuel 2:3

If we are to secure the well-being of our children and the generation to come, we must teach them the Scriptures. The very reason education for the masses was created in the first place was so that people could read the Bible for themselves.

I think we need to take more seriously what the Bible says when it tells us that we, as parents, are to train up a child in the way he should go. We need to consider Christian education, beginning in the home, as we train our children in the Word of God, as we train them to pray, as we train them to walk the Christian life. Besides the home, we need to teach them in Sunday school and church and in Christian school, if possible.

We are told that Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and from that simple statement there has come a desire to teach children. Education was taken away from the few and given to the many. And it wasn’t the slave who was to teach but it was given over to mothers. And children grew in the knowledge of God and in the knowledge of the things of this world. There is no doubt that wherever the Bible has gone, education has gone with it. And wherever the Bible has not gone education has lagged behind.

Question to ponder:
How has the Bible made you wise?