The Army of Christ

“…awesome as an army with banners…”

— Song of Solomon 6:10

We are the army of Christ. We sing “Onward Christian soldiers/marching as to war,” although we too often sing it flippantly and without much thought. Nonetheless, we are exactly that—Christian soldiers in the army of Christ. He is the Captain of the well fought fight who goes on before us. We are called to a great battle with the forces of darkness, with principalities and powers of the air.

We are called to go forth “awesome as an army with banners.” We have a banner. It is the Gospel. The Church has many other banners. “Jesus Christ is Lord” was one of the earliest ones. “He will never leave us” is another. “He always leads us forth in triumph” is yet another. “He is King of kings and Lord of lords,” is yet another. “He goes forth upon a white horse, conquering and to conquer” is yet another of the banners of Christ.

Have you noticed that with the armies of this world, sometimes, when they see the flag, the national emblem, lifted up, even soldiers who are fatigued will get new strength? So we, as the army of Christ are to go forth in that way. And we should indeed strike fear into those who are the enemies of God and the enemies of righteousness and godlessness—not because we would take up a literal sword, but because we would proclaim the Word of God to a lost world, which contains many elements that don’t want to hear it.

Lord God, thank You for the transforming power of the Gospel. Thank You for transforming my heart and daily conforming me into Your own image. Thank You for making us part of Your story…