Testimony of a Former Evolutionist

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

— Genesis 1:1

If we get the subject of origins (creation-evolution) wrong, what else do we miss? Nonetheless, the assumption of so many today is that science has somehow disproved God. Consider the testimony of the late Dr. Dick Lumsden, biology professor and former dean of Tulane Graduate School.

Dr. Lumsden dogmatically taught evolution to his classes until one day a student politely asked him a number of pointed questions. She asked him questions such as: “How does evolution fit with the fundamentals of information theory?” “Aren’t the odds of random assembly of genes mathematically impossible?” “Last month you showed us how mutations were genetic disasters. How, vis-à-vis natural selection, could they randomly produce new and better structures, improved species?” “Where exactly, in the fossil record—is the evidence for progressive evolution, the transitional forms between major groups?”

Initially Lumsden dogmatically defended evolution, trying his best to answer her questions. But after an honest evaluation of the issue, he concluded that evolution was scientifically bankrupt: “I realized that the origin and diversification of life by evolution was a mathematical, physical, and biochemical impossibility, that the evidence for it was at best circumstantial, and a lot of what we really knew about biology was outright contradictory to the hypothesis.” Dr. Lumsden became a reluctant creationist first and later a Christian. For those willing to look at the evidence, creation is the better explanation of origins.

The opening sentence of the Bible says it all. And if God did that, then can He not do the rest?

Lord, give me strength for today to be a witness for You. We praise You that all of creation shouts out, pointing to Your creative power. We praise You that You can transform even a skeptical college professor…