I Rejoice, You Rejoice

Paul and Timothy, servants of Jesus Christ, To all the saints in Christ Jesus who are at Philippi …

— Philippians 1:1

Rejoicing is the theme of Paul’s epistle to the Philippians. It could be summed up in four words: I rejoice; you rejoice. This theme of rejoicing is like an underground stream that bubbles its way along and then, ever and anon, it breaks forth into the sunshine, sparkling with joy. It is a continual, reiterated refrain in this harmony of joy that Paul gives to us.

It is in the Lord Jesus that we can rejoice. We rejoice in Him … in His goodness … in His grace … in His mercy … in His long-suffering … in His faithfulness. We rejoice in what He has done for us upon the Cross and through the empty tomb.

It is precious to the Lord if we can rejoice when we are going through hard times. If we rejoice only when all is well, that is not such a great accomplishment. We should make thanks and praise a part of our daily life. Even now He is turning the bad things to our good. And He has promised that He will lead us forth to ultimate triumph and bring us forth into that gladsome city where tears shall be no more and singing shall be ever heard. Therefore we can rejoice in Christ Jesus!

Question to ponder:
We are to let the joy of God fill our heart—when is it easiest for you to be joyful?