Fig Leaf Religion

“…without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.”

— Hebrews 9:22

Right after sin entered into the world, a dichotomy began—a divergent stream of two different thoughts that ever typify the religions of men. One: God’s way—the other: man’s. Feeling the shame and guilt of their sin, do you remember what Adam and Eve did as the prototypes of all other lost human beings? They covered themselves with fig leaves. That is a symbolic presentation of all of the religions of the world—they invented fig leaf theology.

Are you a member of the “First Fig Leaf Church”? Here is how you can tell. I think I might give you a bit of a fashion show. The perennial favorite in this fashion parade is probably the choicest fig leaf on the whole tree called “I’ve done the best I can.” Ah, you see people dressed in it everywhere, parading up and down in the street hiding behind that leaf. Or there is also a three-piece fig leaf called “I’ve kept the Ten Commandments,” spoken by people who could not name more than three of them.

But in Eden, God looking upon Adam and Eve’s fig leaves, made coats of skins and clothed them. There was that early prototype of the other religion—God’s religion—by which an innocent victim had to die and shed its blood because we need to be clothed, as it were, in the skin of that victim. Jesus is the true Lamb of God whose shed blood forgives those who believe in Him.

God our provider, thank You for providing the Lamb for the sacrifice. Thank You, Jesus, You are the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world…