Existentialist Spectacles

Claiming to be wise, they became fools.

— Romans 1:22

Many on our university campuses today see the world through the lens of existentialism, the prevailing philosophy of modern man. And what is the modern man? He is Irrational Man. This is the title of a scholarly work that details how man has reached a point of total irrationality—where the world has no rhyme or meaning; where there is no significance; where there is no purpose; where there is no teleology; where there is no end; and where there is no beginning. All things have been reduced to a primeval chaos in human thinking.

It is a tragic pilgrimage to meander through Irrational Man. We see that man without God, without divine revelation, and with only his unaided reason, has not produced a rational, enlightened, intelligent view of the universe. He has not grasped nor comprehended and understood all things, but rather, he has been led into the miry slough of despond. Pessimism is to be found everywhere among the existentialists. That is why suicide is a leading cause of death among college students today.

But God has shone His light into our world by revealing the truth through His Word—both the Bible and Jesus Christ, the Word of God. In Him we find true wisdom.

Question to ponder:
Can a faithful Christian with a true Christian worldview be a pessimist?