A Surprising Witness from Antiquity

When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have established …

— Psalm 8:3

The Bible condemns astrology. It says that we are not to consort with astrologers; we are not to consult them; we are not to have anything to do with astrology. And, yet, behind all of that, there is a great revelation of God and His glory and of His salvation in what has come to be known as the zodiac. This is often described as a circle of animals. But that is not really what the word “zodiac” means. Rather it comes from a primitive root, zoad, which comes from the Hebrew sodi, and in Sanskrit means: “a way; a step; a path.” It is the path, or the way, and it is the way of salvation revealed in the heavens.

I hope that as you go out and look at the starry skies above, you will be impressed anew and afresh. You will become amazed at the God who hath written on high these things for all the world to see. For surely His voice has gone out unto the ends of the earth, and the invisible things of Him are plainly seen from the creation of the world. God has placed in the constellations of the zodiac, which He brought forth with His own hand, pictures of the great salvation which He has wrought in Jesus Christ.

Before it was corrupted and twisted, the zodiac presented a clear picture of God’s story. It shows the virgin who gives birth to a son and is attacked by the evil one. And there is much more, as we will show in the following devotional reading.

Question to ponder:
The horoscope is a tool used by Satan to deceive. How did it become so twisted?