A Good Memory Leads to Thanks

“I will remember the works of the Lord; surely I will remember Your wonders of old.”

— Psalm 77:11

The word “thank” comes from the same root as “think.” People are not thankful usually because they are not thoughtful. They don’t think about things that have been done for them and so they don’t thank people for doing that.

We are not going to be glad and joyful over something and thankful for it if we don’t think about it, and so we need to constantly remind ourselves. That’s why the Scriptures and Christ over and over said, “Remember.” “Remember.” “Remember!” We are to remember and think about these things in order that we may be thankful for what Christ has done in coming into this world for us: what He has already accomplished; what change He has made in our lives; what He has done for us over the years; how He has provided for us; what He has promised; and what we have to look forward to. We should remember all these things and thank Him for them.

It is only as we think about those things and recognize them as God’s blessings that thanksgiving grows in us. Unthankful children are always glum, down in the mouth. When you see a person whose mouth is turned down, who has a downcast, dog look on their face, they are not thankful. They are just sorry for themselves, they are miserable, and they don’t think about anything that God has done for them. Unfortunately, there is a little bit of that in every one of us, and, therefore, the Bible tells us to remember what God has done.

Dear Jesus, give me the strength of mind to remember the good and to dwell on what You have done for me. You have cared for my body and soul. You have secured my eternal salvation through Your blood. Give me strength for today to remember Your goodness…