A Godless Universe?

For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.

— Psalm 33:9

Whether God created the universe or not makes all the difference in the world. The teaching of the “godless universe” has ramifications beyond the world of science.

It is not true that all scientists believe in evolution. One scientist who is a Christian observes, “Parents can work hard to educate their children to be patriots and morally upright citizens. But four years of college of the kind I experienced—where I was surrounded by a culture of drugs, sexual libertinism, political radicalism, and little homework—can destroy the efforts of the best parents in America.”

If that doesn’t do it, he says a couple of years of graduate school are almost certain to destroy any remaining vestige of belief in God, moral absolutes, morality, Americanism, patriotism, or any other of our values. That, my friends, is the consequence of the teaching of evolution in our public schools and universities and colleges—like the one this scientist attended. It is a mortal danger to the lives and souls of young people and has brought tragic consequences.

Question to ponder:
How does a godless outlook affect morals?