A Fairy Tale for Adults

“Claiming to be wise, they became fools.”

— Romans 1:22

We know that many a young man or woman has lost his or her faith because they have come to believe that evolution is a proven fact. This is tragic— especially when you consider the scientific evidence itself. Micro-evolution (small changes within kind) is proven. But macro-evolution (all creatures can be traced back to one common ancestor) is fraught with assumptions and contradicts the evidence we have, such as the fossil record.

One time a scientist from France made a remark about the idea of common ancestry through biology, remarking: “Evolution is a fairy tale for adults.” And that is precisely what it is.

The number of fables and stories and fictional novels that have been spun out of evolution must be counted in the tens of thousands. It is a fairy tale for adults. In fact one noted evolutionist recently wrote this, “We may weave stories, we may create scenarios, it all depends on…” On what? How do you think he finished that sentence? On the scientific facts? On the indisputable evidence? No. He said, “It all depends on the extent of our imagination and the credulity of your audience.” You can make up any kind of story you want, and they are forever weaving stories on the least thread of evidence at all—their fairy tales for adults.

In the text above, Paul summarizes the state of those who have rejected God who has made Himself manifest in His creation—professing to be wise, they became fools.

God of wisdom and might, teach us Your wisdom that we may not become fools. Keep our minds clear and focused that we may not believe false and incorrect teachings…