2023/05/16 – Woke Military

America was born out of biblical principles and a Christian worldview. We can all see the way woke culture and cultural Marxism is infiltrating society, politics, business, and education. Recently, this progressive dogma has been imposed upon our military men and women. What can we do when Leftist leadership seems to care more about letting people choose and change their gender than they do about the safety of our military and the protection of our nation?

A Nation Worth Fighting For

This enlightening Kennedy Classic cannot be more timely, nor inspirational. It features four of D. James Kennedy’s most powerful messages on the importance of battling for the heart of this nation. It will fan the flame of liberty in your heart and encourage you to fight for religious freedom.

Woke Warfighters – How Political Ideology is Weakening America’s Military

This report from Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Chip Roy details the woke takeover that’s underway in our military. This Marxist ideology is putting our nation, and our servicemembers, in danger. Find out how in the alarming Woke Warfighters report.

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Sign the Petition NOW!

Tell Senate leaders to support legislation to ban self-identified transgender individuals from serving in the U.S. military. As Senator Rubio points out, you can’t even serve in the military if you have a peanut allergy. And yet the current president has turned the military into a woke social experiment. Protect our nation–and our troops–by signing.

The Ensuring Military Readiness Act requires the Secretary of Defense to issue regulations that would:

  • Disqualify all individuals who identify as transgender, who have a history or have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria.
  • Disqualify any individual who identifies as transgender who seeks or has already undertaken gender reassignment surgery.
  • Allow any transgender individual without a history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria, who are otherwise qualified for service, to serve in their biological sex.

It’s essential that Congress pass the Ensuring Military Readiness Act.

You can help make that happen. Sign the petition now!