“What Is Your Name?”

“Be strong and of good courage …”

— Deuteronomy 31:6

I admire people who display great courage. One man in history known for his courage was Alexander the Great. One day, Alexander held court in Nebuchadnezzar’s great palace in Babylon. He sat upon the great golden throne, pronouncing sentences for the crimes charged to his soldiers. The sergeant-at-arms brought in one soldier after another and read their crimes. No one could deliver them from Alexander’s severe judgments.

Finally, the sergeant-at-arms brought in a young Macedonian soldier and read aloud his crime: fleeing in the face of the enemy. This cowardice Alexander could not tolerate. But as he looked on this young soldier, Alexander’s countenance changed from stern to soft. Smiling, he said to the lad, “Son, what is your name?” The boy said softly, “Alexander.” The smile left the king’s face. He said, “What did you say?” The young man snapped to attention. “Alexander, sir.” The king turned crimson and shouted, “WHAT IS YOUR NAME?” The boy began to stammer and said, “Al … Alex … Alexander, sir.” The king burst out of his chair, grabbed the young man by the tunic, stared him in the face, then threw him on the ground and said, “Soldier, change your conduct or change your name!”

All of us have a name from our royal lineage. What is that name? Christian! And we need to live our lives in a manner worthy of that name. Dear friend, I encourage you to be strong. Be courageous. Obey the Lord. Allow God to give you courage in Him—courage to do what God has told us to do, courage to avoid the things God has told us not to do, courage to stand up for Christ. Let us not cower under fire but stand firm in the Lord’s name, living up to our calling as Christians.

“Courage is the virtue that makes other virtues possible.”
Winston Churchill