Fearful Master July 2023 Offer

A Fearful Master

We have a Constitution that guarantees our freedom of speech and of religion. But under the Biden Administration, pro-life Americans, evangelicals, Catholics, and outspoken conservatives are being canceled, silenced, called terrorists, and even arrested by out-of-control agencies like the FBI and the DOJ. It’s time to put a stop to it!

Request your free petition opposing the Weaponization of Government now! If you are also able to give a generous donation, we will thank you by sending you the informative book, Fearful Master: The Federal Government’s Ominous and Unprecedented “Weaponization” Against We the People. With a foreword from Dr. Rob Pacienza, this book contains key testimony from key figures on how government agencies are being deployed for political and ideological means. It features FBI whistleblowers who take you inside the abuses being perpetrated on those who don’t hold to the Biden party line.

If you’re able to make a donation of $40 or more, we’ll send you both the book and the just-produced Providence Forum film, Endowed by Their Creator. It’s an outstanding and insight-packed look at our nation’s founding document and the events surrounding its creation.

Thanks to friends like you, DJKM is standing in the gap for our land, offering the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ on nationwide TV, and bringing the counsel of Scripture to America’s moral debate.