America will not remain free if the Left gains control!

That is why we are launching our Defend America 2020 campaign. It’s a vigilant defense of truth and freedom to proclaim the hope of the Gospel and speak out against the liberal and socialist onslaught of our day. That is what D. James Kennedy Ministries is all about!

And as friends like you boldly stand with us now, you’ll be helping us

  • create and air a nationwide special to broadcast through the election season called “Defend America 2020.” It will speak truth into the lies of socialism and communism.
  • fight against the liberal Left’s plan to steal your vote in November.
  • continue to stand for life and against abortion in any form—particularly late-term abortion.
  • move forward in our suit against the SPLC and Amazon, now in a Federal Appeals Court, for defamation and discrimination.

Look InsideTo thank you for your generous donation, we will send you the brand-new book Trojan Horses: Exposing the Secret Schemes of the Left. This is a must-read that uncovers the Left’s plot to destroy America as we know it.

If you are able to give a donation of $100 or more, we will send you Trojan Horses plus the DVD special report, The Great Deception.

You’ll hear from culture warriors who reveal the Left’s strategy to remake America in the image of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky, and they provide the antidote.

We will also include, in booklet form, what is perhaps the greatest sermon Dr. D. James Kennedy ever preached, What’s So Amazing About Grace? Don’t miss this incredible message that is perfect for today.

Your generous support will help defend freedom and proclaim the Gospel through our Defend America 2020 campaign.

Make your gift and request these exceptional ministry resources now.

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