The Incarnation

“A virgin shall be with child, and will bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel,” which is interpreted, “God with us.”

— Matthew 1:23

At Christmastime we celebrate the fact that the infinite, incomprehensible, ineffable God descended to dwell among us in human flesh—a fact so astonishing that there is no need for chipmunks or reindeer, with or without red noses.

Christmas is an incredible event. The almighty Creator of the universe with its hundreds of billions of galaxies, this glorious One has visited this planet. This small planet has been visited by the almighty God. Even more astonishing than that is the fact that this God has come for the purpose of dying for creatures such as ourselves.

The miracle of Christmas is the incarnation. According to C. S. Lewis, this supernatural act of God becoming a human being is the Grand Miracle. Upon this miracle all the others stand or fall. When someone denies the virgin birth and incarnation, they deny the foundation of Christianity and the joy of the season.

Christmas is still the time for miracles.

Question to ponder:
Think of how the natural and the supernatural meet in Christmas. How has it touched your life?