The Importance of Fellowship

“And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.”

— Acts 2:42

My friends, we are the witnessing community of Jesus Christ, and we today live in a world where it is possible that we shall one day pay the same price for that witness that the early Christians paid in the arena. What a oneness is created when we realize that among us are those who also are placing their lives upon the line as they boldly witness for the living Christ.

Furthermore, we are the branches, and Christ is the vine, and, thus, we know that there is the same life-giving power flowing through each one of us. We are the body and Christ is the head. We are members of the same body.

All of these are but a few of the pictures the Bible paints of this strange fellowship, this koinonia, this partnership, this oneness, this mystical union we have in Jesus Christ. Ah, my friends, there is nothing like it in the entire world. Despite our differences, there is some ineffable union of heart and mind that has been created by Jesus Christ.

One third of all Americans are involved in small groups today, which is astounding. That is tens of millions of people, and 60 percent of those are in the church. Christians can find that much of their strengthening, their discipleship, and their spiritual growth take place in these caring, sharing, praying, Bible studying groups, which are going to build up men and women to do the work of Christ better than ever before.

Dear Lord, thank You for adopting us into Your family, the largest family in the world. Thank You for the millions of brothers and sisters in Christ with whom we are one. Give us strength for today, Lord, to serve You by serving Your body on earth…