Takedown by Paul Kengor

Before the state and before the church, God created the oldest institution on the planet—the institution of marriage. That alone should tell us how important marriage is to God. It is nothing less than sacred—and established for the primary purpose that one man and one woman should become one flesh and should go forth and multiply.

Yet today, we are experiencing a watershed moment in America as the legal definition of marriage has been redefined to include same sex unions. With that change, we are seeing a fundamental transformation of the family. In essence, the very structure of the family as we’ve known it is being altered—and not for the good!

We need to know how to speak into the culture about why marriage as God intends it matters, and what is behind the present-day all-out assault against it. Dr. Paul Kengor helps us achieve that with his compelling and timely book, Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage. Dr. Kengor makes a powerful case for natural marriage as he connects the dots between the founders of Marxism and communism and the sexual anarchy we’re seeing in our culture today.

When it comes to marriage, D. James Kennedy Ministries will continue to uphold true marriage as God intends it and we want to empower you to do the same. We will send you this eye-opening book for your generous donation to help us to continue to stand for Biblical truth.

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