It is no secret that America has entered a stifling new phase of political correctness. A new cultural orthodoxy created by Critical Race Theory, gender ideology, “social justice,“ and casual socialism, among others, now punishes dissent and silences Biblical truth. These intertwined causes are combined under the popular term “wokeness,” and to embrace these concepts is to become “woke.”

What’s wrong with being “woke”?

We answer this timely question with two brand-new ministry resources. The first is the compelling book, Hijacked: How George Soros and Friends Exploit Your Church, written by John Aman. In this short book, you will discover how Soros funds have infected the faith community. And it’s not Soros alone. The author uncovers forces both within and outside the church that seek to hijack its mission, including:

  • Evangelicals who have turned to the Left
  • Open borders groups funding Christian evangelicals to rewrite immigration law
  • Soros funding to flip evangelicals from pro-Israel to pro-Palestinian
  • “Green spirituality” spreading the worship of creation rather than the Creator
  • And more

We will gladly send you Hijacked: How George Soros and Friends Exploit Your Church as our thanks for your much-appreciated generous donation to help us stand for truth and defend your freedom.

For your gift of $50 or more, we will send you Hijacked plus the explosive DVD, How the Left is Stealing Your Church: The Invasion of the gospel of Woke. In the latest installment of our ministry documentaries, you will see how the church is being deceived and radicalized by liberal ideas and swayed by big money and special interests. You will be shocked to discover how the “woke” gospel is seeping into evangelical churches and organizations, undermining Biblical truth and threatening the church’s proclamation of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Arm yourself and those in your sphere of influence with the truth by requesting these brand-new resources today! Every Christian needs to recognize the “woke” gospel if it comes knocking at their church.

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