You stood up for life, religious liberty, and morality in November, but the battle doesn’t stop there. Now, we must hold our new leaders accountable to execute the promises they’ve made, and to roll back the damage done in the last decade:

  • Religious freedom in America is under liberal fire—suppressed in the name of “separation of church and state.”
  • Radical Islamists are on the move and adding to their numbers daily. Christians are fleeing for their lives in Iraq and Syria. Acts of terrorism are on the rise in America and Europe. The Obama administration refused to recognize the threat.
  • The innocent unborn have been stripped of their most basic right—the right to life —and we have been forced to fund abortions, regardless of moral objections, resulting in the wanton destruction of millions of lives.

And  much, much more.

Even though we have already made our voice heard and elected those who we hope will change the nation’s direction, we can’t stop there. Now more than ever, we need to make sure that those we’ve elected to make these changes actually do so. Often, politicians will not follow through on the promises they’ve made in their campaigns—but this time, we cannot allow that to happen.

The issues before us are clear and massive: issues of life, religious liberty, and morality itself. Now is the time for Christians to stand up and speak with one voice in order to point the nation towards righteousness.

Our leaders need to continue hearing our voices on the issues that are important to us—we cannot back down. That’s why we’re asking you to fill out the 2017 Spiritual State of the Nation Survey. This survey will clearly and effectively communicate the values of Christians around the nation to those in Washington as we present the results to Congress, Cabinet officials, the president, and key media outlets.

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