Confronting Hate & Lies: D. James Kennedy Ministries Lawsuit Against the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“There comes a time when you must stand for truth, even if no one will stand with you.”

Here at D. James Kennedy Ministries, we came to just such a time in 2017 when we filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Southern Poverty Law Center for defamation. They labeled D. James Kennedy Ministries a “hate group,” and placed us on their false “hate map,” because of our traditional, Biblical beliefs on marriage and sexuality.

We have finally heard from the federal judge hearing our case, and we are not surprised that he refused to let us go to trial on the merits of our complaint. We anticipated this at the lower court level, and we want you to know that this in no way alters our determination to pursue justice, not only for this ministry but for all Christian and conservative organizations and individuals the SPLC has maligned. Even before this ruling was handed down, our board of directors voted to appeal this case as far as it can go, so we are filing an appeal to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

One of the interesting aspects of this case is that the SPLC argued—and the judge agreed—that their labeling of us as a “hate group” is protected speech because the term doesn’t actually mean anything. We’d like to see the reaction of their donors when they hear they’ve been duped into giving the SPLC tens of millions of dollars for their “hate group” findings—which a federal judge calls “debatable, loose and varying,” so that you can’t prove the “truth or falsity” of the label. Wow! But the real problem is that the label is not meaningless to the corporations and government entities that use the SPLC’s “hate map” to determine who they will do business with—and it is certainly not meaningless to those of us who have been labeled “haters.”

We hope this helps you understand why we must continue to pursue justice in this case. Maligning, demonizing, and stigmatizing leads to discrimination and persecution which we are beginning to see in our nation. This ministry will not sit back and allow the SPLC to go unanswered. Can we count on your support? The next phase is sure to be expensive. The SPLC (and Amazon) counts on winning by overwhelming its opponents—and financially, we are a mere David to their Goliath. But we all know how that story ended, with God’s help.

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