We live in a world that idolizes tolerance and political correctness, but fails to extend that courtesy to one group: Christians. In fact, our culture as a whole is becoming more and more hostile to Christians, from what we see in the news to the way the Christian religion is portrayed in pop culture.

In The War Against Christianity, Dr. D. James Kennedy explores the backlash against Christians in today’s society—and how it actually aligns with our calling in Christ. The set includes two full-length sermons from Dr. D. James Kennedy on two DVDs, The War Against Christianity and The Culture War in America.

Following Christ has always led to opposition from the world, from the time Jesus was crucified into the present. When we are living unashamedly for God, we can expect the world to hate us. In fact, we can rejoice in this opposition, knowing that we are aligned with Christ, our predecessor in persecution.

Our exposé booklet, Special Report: The Southern Poverty Law Center Exposed!, examines a specific area where Christians are targeted in today’s society. While The Southern Poverty Law Center began as a legitimate organization that policed actual hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan, it has since turned to slandering socially and politically conservative organizations and labeling them “hate groups”—including D. James Kennedy Ministries. This report reveals what the SPLC’s true intent is in targeting organizations that hold Judeo-Christian values, and how it has even led to anti-Christian violence.

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