There is no getting around it. Socialism is a blood-soaked idea that killed more than 100 million people in the 20th century, but it is experiencing a resurgence in our day—and in, of all places, America.

We need Biblical answers to face this ungodly political ideology. To provide those answers, we’ve written the brand new book The Coming Socialist Wave: Biblical Answers to Socialist Lies. This is a book that needs to be shared with Americans of all ages—especially young people, many of whom do not know that:

  • Socialism’s Founders Promised Heaven, But Delivered Hell
  • Socialism Says It Makes the Rules—Not God
  • Envy Is the Driving Engine of Socialism
  • Socialism Is at War with the Family
  • and more.

We will send you The Coming Socialist Wave: Biblical Answers to Socialist Lies for your generous donation to help us to continue to provide a Biblical perspective on the moral issues of our day.

The Left is always pushing for more control of our lives but with the recent addition of several members of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) to the United States Congress, and nearly half of millennials preferring socialism to capitalism, we must answer this growing threat to life and liberty. That’s why in addition to The Coming Socialist Wave, we want to send you the eye-opening new DVD answering the question, What’s Wrong with Socialism? We’ll send you both for your generous donation of $50 or more.

Don’t miss these two powerful new ministry resources, and please share them with others!

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