When you encounter people with difficult questions, doubts, and outright unbelief regarding the Christian faith, are you ready?

Do you welcome skeptics?

Dr. D. James Kennedy was a master at apologetics (the defense of the faith). He welcomed skeptics to look at the Christian faith because he knew that, if they were honest, they would find satisfying answers for their soul and mind. He also wanted to equip Christians to explain with confidence the reasons for our hope in Jesus Christ. That’s why he wrote the book Skeptics Answered.

We want to get this classic book in your hands to confirm and strengthen your own faith—and so that you can defend your faith, even with the toughest critics. You’ll have answers at your fingertips about topics such as:

  • Are prophecies and miracles fact or fiction
  • What does God look like
  • Is Jesus the only way
  • What about the problem of evil
  • And many more.

There’s even a study guide for personal reflection and group discussion.

We’ll gladly send you Skeptics Answered as thanks for your generous donation to help us spread the truth of the Gospel to a desperate world.

“The Most Reluctant Convert”

God has been transforming skeptics for millennia. A beloved former skeptic is C.S. Lewis, one of the most influential writers of the 20th century. As an atheist, Lewis had no use for Christianity. So what happened? Find out in the moving, entertaining, and inspirational DVD of C.S. Lewis’s early life and conversion. Starring award-winning actor Max McLean, you’ll be transported on stage to meet C.S. Lewis, the self-described “most reluctant convert.”

For your much-appreciated gift of $50 or more, we’ll send you Skeptics Answered and C.S. Lewis On Stage: The Most Reluctant Convert. Both are ideal for sharing even with skeptics.

Request yours now!

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