Does Christianity
need saving?

So-called progressive Christianity is infiltrating and seducing the evangelical church while claiming it is “saving Christianity.” Many congregants may not even realize they are being served a watered-down, “seeker-sensitive” gospel.

It is into this cultural moment that respected author and pastor, Dr. Michael Youssef, introduces his brand-new book, Saving Christianity: The Danger of Undermining Our Faith and What We Can Do about It. Dr. Youssef shows you candidly and clearly, with an abundance of evidence, that the only harm that can ever come to the Gospel or the church of Jesus Christ comes from those who are trying to “save” Christianity by reinventing it and distorting it beyond recognition.

In Saving Christianity, you’ll discover:

  • The role of political correctness in the post-truth Church
  • How Christianity is being revised in subtle and not-so-subtle ways
  • How post-evangelical “Christianity” targets the young
  • How to live out your faith in these chaotic days
  • And more

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If you are able to give $60 or more, we will send you Saving Christianity plus No Compromise, the ministry-exclusive DVD of Dr. Frank Wright’s full-length interview with Dr. Youssef. In this video, Dr. Youssef confronts the dangerous ideas that are coming from within the church, including the outright acceptance of sin. He shows how what’s left is nothing but “moralism that is not transforming lives.” But he doesn’t leave us there. He provides a way forward so that you, your children, and your grandchildren will know what the Gospel is and be able to recognize truth from falsehood.

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