George Washington: Christian or Deist?

Without a doubt, George Washington set the cornerstone for what would become one of the most prosperous, free nations in the history of civilization. Some say he was a Christian. Others claim he was a Deist. What is the truth? And what does it mean to you today?

Author Dr. Peter Lillback spent 15 years searching for the answers to these questions, and now you can read the evidence for yourself in the powerful book George Washington’s Sacred Fire.

Lillback’s research and collaboration with Dr. Jerry Newcombe reveal the real George Washington, a man driven by the highest of ideals, and a genuine Christian faith. Library shelves are filled with volumes containing anecdotal and factually unsubstantiated conclusions—even bogus fabrications—that few have strived to correct until now.

In this meticulously researched book, the authors let Washington speak for himself using his writings, journals, letters, manuscripts, and those of his closest family and confidants. You will be left awestruck and inspired by the faith, values, and ideals which sustained and guided America’s first president throughout his life.

George Washington’s Sacred Fire is our thank you for your much-appreciated gift to help us Proclaim Truth and Defend Your Freedom!

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