In today’s world, Christians and conservatives are routinely labelled “bigots” merely for adhering to a traditional, Biblical view of sex and gender. As Christians, we must recognize that it is not “hatred” to stand for the infallible truth of God’s word in every area of life—including God’s design for human sexuality.

That’s why we’re offering a 5-pack of the booklet “What Does the Bible Teach About Gender Identity?” The latest in our Truth in Action Q&A Series, this twelve-page booklet equips readers to defend the Biblical position on this challenging issue.

The booklet lays out common arguments from the opposition as well as the Biblical standpoint—all in easy-to-read, digestible sections. It provides Christians with Biblically-based, well-reasoned answers to frequent questions that you can share in your conversations with Christians and non-Christians alike.  

We’re offering this resource as thanks for your generous donation. The truth is, these issues are not going away—in fact, new sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) laws are threatening to make them more prevalent and dangerous than ever. That’s why we’re working to proclaim the Biblical truth on this crucial issue in an upcoming television special, The Age of Gender Confusion. Your donation will help us cover airtime and production costs for this program, so that we can broadcast it across America this fall.

Thank you for your support as we seek to proclaim Biblical truth to the world!

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