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Attorney General William Barr

By requesting the petition, you have already taken a stand to defend our First Amendment freedom of religion. Thank you!

We are seeing the handwriting on the wall. The attempt to remake our country into a secular wasteland continues—with those in power seeking to deny our fundamental, God-given freedoms in the name of political correctness.  

Why Do You Believe That?We cannot remain silent. That is why we have developed a powerful new resource to provide you with Biblically informed answers to some of the most controversial topics today. Why Do You Believe That?: Answering Hard Questions in an Age of Political Correctness is a comprehensive Q & A-style book including answers straight from God’s Word. You’ll find topics, such as:

  • Is Evolution True?
  • What Does the Bible Teach About Gender Identity?
  • Are Christians Haters?
  • Does the Bible Teach Socialism?
  • What Does the Bible Teach About Immigration?
  • And more.

We’ll send you Why Do You Believe That?: Answering Hard Questions in an Age of Political Correctness as our thank you for your generous donation to help us continue to stand for truth and defend your freedom. To receive your copy, simply fill out the information form below.

Why Do You Believe That? is an excellent book for small group study, Sunday school classes, high school and college age students, and anyone interested in answering the culture’s most insistent assertions on today’s hot-button issues.

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