See Christ’s suffering as never before

It is the central event in all history, and it happened two-thousand years ago. Jesus, the Lamb of God, laid down His life to save us from our sins. He made an infinite sacrifice to pay an infinite debt.

In Behold the Man, Dr. D. James Kennedy, with Dr. Jerry Newcombe, gives you an in-depth look at Christ’s suffering and death—His passion—to help you more fully grasp the incredible price Jesus paid for our redemption. And in so doing, to love Him all the more.

You’ll encounter …

  • What Hebrew prophets foretold hundreds of years before about Christ’s suffering and death
  • The depth of Christ’s suffering when He drank the bitter cup of God’s judgment on our behalf
  • The people around Jesus at His death—including Caiaphas, Judas, the Roman centurion, Barabbas, and more
  • The overwhelming evidence for Christ’s resurrection

We will gladly send you Behold the Man for your generous ministry gift to help us continue our work of producing and broadcasting Biblical truth.

For your much-appreciated support of $60 or more, we will send you the book plus the memorable 7-DVD set The Divine Drama: Eyewitness Testimony to Christ’s Passion. You will be captivated as Dr. Kennedy takes you inside the heart and mind of seven people who played key roles in this divine drama. You will discover the incredible price Christ paid to rescue you from your sins.

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