The Abortion fight is anything but over

Abortion advocates are working feverishly to make full-term abortion legal in states. One of their tactics is to spread rank lies to mislead the public and win support for the so-called right to kill the pre-born. But what do the facts and common sense tell us?

In the book, Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?, Randy Alcorn examines 15 Pro-Choice claims, such as:

  • The embryo isn’t a baby
  • It’s barbaric and unenlightened to force a woman to continue a pregnancy
  • The world is overpopulated, so the fewer births the better
  • The Bible doesn’t say anything against abortion
  • Pro-life proponents are pro-birth, not pro-life.
  • And many more

In a patient and logical fashion, Alcorn looks at the arguments for abortion that you’ll hear in everyday conversation. And he gives you clear, thoughtful responses you can use to help others choose life, too.

We will send you the book Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? as thanks for your generous donation that helps us spread the truth about the sanctity of human life and other issues from a Biblical perspective.

As a bonus, we will include TWO Precious Feet lapel pins – one to wear and one to share. The pin is a powerful witness to the humanity of the unborn as it is an exact representation of the pre-born child’s feet at 10 weeks.

Plus, for your gift of $40 or more, we will send you Rev. Robert Pacienza’s fascinating interview with Janet Folger Porter, architect of the Heartbeat Law. Already passed in 15 states, the Heartbeat Law ensures, as Porter says, that “if the heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected.” Don’t miss this ministry-exclusive DVD, A Heart for Life!

All three resources, Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?, TWO Precious Feet pins, and A Heart for Life!, are tools you can use to counter and defeat pro-abortion lies!

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