Terrorists in Gaza have, once again, launched missiles into Israel, targeting innocent civilians with thousands of lethal, shrapnel-filled rockets. The current crisis—which has captured world attention—begs the question, “Why can’t there be lasting peace in the Middle East?”

The timely booklet Can There Be Peace in the Middle East?  examines the complexities that prevent peace in this troubled region. It considers key questions such as:

  • Who owns the land?
  • Can a two-state solution bring lasting peace?
  • Who has claim to the ancient city of Jerusalem?
  • Do Christians and Jews have a common cause in the Middle East?

In an easy-to-follow format, you’ll discover answers gleaned from Dr. D. James Kennedy and other experts. You’ll also find talking points that summarize conclusions drawn from their input.

Finally, this 16-page booklet concludes with the section, “How to Pray for Israel.”

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