America has lost sight of true freedom. Freedom of conscience is necessary for true liberty, which is a truth that most people have forgotten—or willfully ignore— in this day and age. We must not let this freedom slip away; instead, we need to urge President Trump to not only make America great again, but to make it truly free again. That’s why we’ve prepared an open letter to President Trump, detailing an Agenda for Freedom for the new administration. 

The agenda includes the restoration of limited government, the restoration of federalism, the rejection of unconstitutional intrusion into the affairs of the church, and more. You can download a PDF of the Agenda for Freedom that gives a thorough breakdown of all of the topics by clicking here. We urge you to join us in signing this open letter to President Trump and showing him that we will not rest until our nation’s true liberty has been restored

Agenda for Freedom

Submitted with respect to:
the Honorable Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America

We support your efforts to “Make America Great Again.” But we also join together with other concerned citizens across the nation to ask you to “Make America Free Again.” The past eight years have drastically damaged freedom in America. We the People are under the control of an entrenched bureaucracy, hostile to religious liberty. We respectfully urge you to support an Agenda for Freedom that includes: The Restoration of Limited Government, The Restoration of the Separation of Powers, The Restoration of Federalism, The Rejection of Efforts to Diminish Parental Authority, The Rejection of Unconstitutional Intrusion into the Affairs of the Church, and The Defense of National Autonomy in the Face of Globalism. We are committed to seeing freedom restored in America and will support your efforts to do the same.

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