No Ultimate Conflict

Forever, O LORD, Your word is settled in heaven.

— Psalm 119:89

No book has been attacked over the past 200 years like the Bible. Many scholars have joined the savage attack, which continues in our day unabated. Yet the Bible is correct, and critical scholars are proven wrong again and again. (If there are certain unanswered questions about the Scriptures, give it time—the Bible will be vindicated eventually).

Just because someone is a scholar doesn’t mean he or she is correct. Often they are not. When it comes to scholars, I always remember the admonition of Dr. William Childs Robinson that I heard in seminary. We were discussing some controversial theological issue in one of his classes. One student said to him, “But professor, all of the scholars say …”

Robinson said, “Hold it. Hold it right there, young man. You never want to forget that we choose our scholars. We choose our experts.”

And what do the scholars say? Ah, my friend, I think it is vitally important that you know right now, and never forget, what the scholars say. The scholars say anything at all. They say everything—they express every imaginable point of view.

When you see scholars expressing anti-Christian opinions on television or read them in magazines or the newspapers, just remember, somebody chose those experts, and they didn’t choose them by chance. They often stack the experts in such a way as to promote unbelief.

Question to ponder:
Do you have any doubts about the Word of God that you need to get answered? What are they and what faithful source will you seek for the correct answers?