See Through the Deceptions!

Modern myths abound in our culture, and they can have profound spiritual consequences if they are believed and accepted. Perhaps you know someone who has fallen prey.

In his book, Modern Myths Exposed, Dr. Kennedy counters with Biblical truth four mistaken ideas that have shipwrecked the faith of many. Myths such as:

  • All Religions Are Basically the same
  • Archaeology Disproves the Bible
  • The Gospel Accounts of the Resurrection Contradict Each Other
  • And There Is No Life After Death

You’ll gain clarity and a deeper understanding for your own life and find confidence to address these falsehoods with sound Biblical answers. We would love to send you this hardback book, Modern Myths Exposed, as our thank you for your generous donation to the ongoing work of this ministry.

New DVD series debunks 11 Modern Myths

To help you and those you love see through even more of the deceptions of our day, we have developed a vital new DVD series Modern Myths Exposed, Volumes 1 and 2. This series features Dr. Kennedy debunking 11 of the most damaging-yet-common myths in our culture, including:

  • There Are No Absolutes
  • We Can Have Morality Without Religion
  • God and State Must be Separate
  • Man is Basically Good
  • And many more

We will send you the Modern Myths Exposed book plus the 11-message, two-volume DVD series Modern Myths Exposed for your donation of $75 or more. You won’t find a more comprehensive series debunking the dangerous and widespread myths of our day from a Biblical perspective.

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