Tell Congress to reject
“Medicare for All”

As the election year heats up, candidates on the Left are once again trying to garner votes by dangling the “Medicare for All” carrot. But don’t be deceived by the appealing sounding name. The “Medicare for All” the Left is proposing is nothing less than single-payer, government-run, socialized medicine. It is a socialistic scheme that always fails, leaving in its wake an astounding cost in dollars, the lost value of human dignity, and a system contrary to God’s Word.

That is why we have created an Open Petition for you to sign, letting key members of Congress know what you think about “Medicare for All.” As you sign the Petitions to Senate and House leadership and members of the oversight committees, you will be asking them to resist and defeat any efforts to pass “Medicare for All.”

Request your petitions by filling out the information below and join your voice with thousands of other like-minded men and women. Your representatives in Washington must know that “Medicare for All” violates Biblical and economic laws and puts lives in danger.

Request your Petitions below.

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