America’s lost legacy

America seems to have forgotten its legacy of freedom. It’s no wonder since progressives and followers of Marx have spent decades rewriting our nation’s history and waging war on our religious liberty.

In order to reclaim our legacy, and for the sake of our children and grandchildren, we must have a historically accurate understanding of the cornerstone of all our freedoms—the First Amendment to the Constitution. That is why you’ll want to read the insightful book, Reclaiming the Lost Legacy: The Founders and the First Amendment.

You’ll be reminded of America’s deep heritage of freedom and why it’s worth preserving today. You’ll read the actual words of the Founders, who spoke with clarity and anticipated many of the current abuses of our freedoms. And, you’ll be given action steps to help reverse the dangerous decline in our religious liberty.

We’ll send you Reclaiming the Lost Legacy as our thanks for your generous donation to help us stand for truth and defend your freedom.

Christianity’s impact on our founding documents

For your much-appreciated gift of $40 or more, you’ll receive the book and the inspiring documentary on DVD, We the People. Just released by Dr. Jerry Newcombe and Providence Forum, an outreach of DJKM, you’ll discover Christianity’s profound influence on our two key founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This hour-long documentary features commentary from:

  • Dennis Prager
  • William J. Federer
  • Jenna Ellis
  • Eric Metaxas
  • Marshall Foster
  • And many more

Together, the experts show that it is our Judeo-Christian heritage that made America so free and prosperous. Both resources are excellent for high school and college-age students who have been taught that our Constitution is “godless” and our founding fathers primarily unbelievers. Discover the truth!

Request your copy of the book and DVD today as you give!

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